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I believe wellness is so much more than just eating the right foods or making it to the gym a few times a week, but rather, it encompasses the whole world you have built around you.

It is easy (and natural!) with all of the daily to dos to lose sight of the importance of self. Between work, family, and life’s responsibilities, how on Earth are you supposed to be make time for picking the right foods, sneaking in a workout, and achieving a fulfilling life that you hear so much about (in passing because you definitely don’t have time to read a book)?!?!

I hear ya, and as a Board Certified Health Counselor (AADP) and personal trainer, I am here to help answer those very questions!

The past…

Having grown up active, headstrong, and ambitious, I assumed my divine path was written; remain my same size from 17 on, continue eating whatever I wanted, work my way up in a corporate office, move to California, and live happily ever after in a boardroom. Oh if life were that simple!

Real life…it didn’t happen that way. In the process of chasing after life, I lost a little of myself. I became overweight, depressed, and had an assortment of ailments out of nowhere. Here I was alone in a whole new world, feeling confused, unfocused, and knowing that something had to change. That wasthe beginning of my new journey into the world of wellness.

Fast forward a few years, a few hundred realizations, much needed soul searching, one college degree, multiple personal trainer certifications, and one holistic health certification, and here I am, on my path, with a passionate desire and focus on helping others identify and achieve their next level. Whether it be weight loss, lifestyle changes, or a higher level of fitness, my purpose is fulfilled with each person I am blessed to work with. Helping others dig in and achieve their goals is the only way I can dig in and achieve mine!

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